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    1、High quality ingredients

    In recent years, aiming to offer healthy, nutritious and pure natural green snacks to customers, Youi Group has established 7,500 mu bases of green beans, broad beans, soybean, green plum, gingko, chestnut, rice and others to make full use of non-polluted water and raw materials, adding pure natural pigments to ensure product superior quality, safety and nutrition.

    Locally grown beans are not enough to meet all?the requirements of the enterprise because Youi Group consumes?coar-se grains and mixed beans nearly ten thousand tons per year,so Youi Group forms a partnership with farmers on the?Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by beans production bases in the form of collaboration.?They demands farmers to cultivate some special?item-s according to their own requirements and to participate in the quality of monitoring and management.

    2、Advanced equipment

    In technological innovation, Youi Group actively introduces advanced equipment at home and abroad and has introduced nine Japanese YAHOMAS’s automatic swing baking production lines, four US HEAT & CONTRAL's automatic oil screen fried production lines, a microwave drying line, 1 Drying line and a large number of quality testing equipment to ensure that raw materials are not carbonized and high temperature instantaneously absorb moisture to lock nutrition, and thus maintain the most primitive taste of food.

    3、Efficient logistics

    Online shopping combined with physical stores, with superior logistics and distribution capabilities, can reach 10,000 orders per day.

    4、op R&D

    Youi Group emphasizes on the enterprise innovation and talent construction, and has cultivated a number of highly qualified professional and technical personnel, including 1 doctor, 5 masters, 42 bachelors staff.

    Youi Group has cooperated with Jiangsu Normal University, and destablished the reseach center of agricultural products processing in Suzhou, and cooperated with Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science to set up Jiangsu Institute of Agricultural Science and Research Institute, cooperated with Jiangnan University to construct national coarse grain food testing center, and transformed scientific research achievements into market competitiveness, and improved product market value, New products, so that products mature generation, the development of generation, reserve generation.

    At present, Youi Group has all kinds of national patents 148, of which 58 appearance patents, practical patents 13, 77 invention patents.

    5、Strict QC

    The company has passed BRC, IFS, OU Kosher, ISO22000, ISO9001, HALAL system certification, and through the Wal-Mart headquarters audits, the United States Costco moral certification, the US FDA official audits. Each of our beans carefully selected, layers of control, we do not pay bad products.

    Our products are strictly controlled, from top to bottom are goods control crazy, excellent Seoul Amoy beans, no bad beans. In addition, we in the traditional product control on the basis of the implementation of a full product control, product packaging, we are all launched the audience tasting, collective evaluation, reflects our customer's attitude towards responsibility. Greatly improving the customer satisfaction, rather than the general business, re-efficient, low-quality.

    6、Attentive service

    Our business marketing "land, sea and air" all-round development, "sea" --- across the sea, referring to our business since the early days of foreign sales, has now more than 50 countries, more than 400 cities, --- Treasures hit the land, referring to our medium-term development of domestic sales, has been around the major cities. "Empty" --- Eagle hit the sky, referring to the late development of electricity providers, has now covered the entire domestic Internet.

    Company Name: Suzhou Youi GroupLTD Add:No. 2666 Puzhuang Avenue, Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215105, China

    Tel: +86-0512-66377779Email: Jim@youi.cn , arey@youi.cn(International Market), saleo@youi.cn(International Market)Technical Support: Information TechnologyDepartment

    Suzhou Youi Group. All rights reserved
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